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In Pieces

StartFragmentSo many times I feel like pieces of a puzzle. All of my want tos' are trying to find out where they fit so I can see the big picture. That's when I know I need to ask God to speak to me and direct me how to move. The movement can be like a joyful Zumba class, an intense kickboxing class, a heavy weight lifting class, a breath taking HITT class or just a quiet Intentional focused and prayerful @holyyogaministries class, but just know His voice is movement. Knowing His voice is knowing that one of the pieces will fit in the right place if you get off the couch and take on the movement.EndFragment

Why I use fitness to Minister about Identity Branding

When you move your body, with your mindset focused on the grace and gratitude of movement instead of your own strength or lack of, which our ego wants to take responsibility for, and be thankful for where we are, something magical happens. You'll discover that you are now in a place where you didn't have faith in going. You'll realized that you have more energy, you can lift an extra 5 lbs, or you may have lost 5 lbs. You form a smile or make sounds that you've never heard. You will start seeing a change in your reflection and become stronger in your belief of who God wants you to be. And then, it all fits, it makes sense and its freeing.

Take 30 seconds before you move to just be thankful for that movement of your limbs and the mindset to except whatever that looks like. He will speak to you, and you'll know it!

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StartFragment"The presence of God is soft and simple. It doesn’t make a grand entrance. Rather, it shows up quietly and sweetly, as subtle feelings that ripple up from a divine radiance deep within you. We are all born with an innate ability to connect with this divine radiance, or God-spark, meaning that when looking for answers in life, there is no need to go outside of ourselves. We simply need to look inwards, towards our inner light and guidance".EndFragment

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