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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What Is the Difference Between Reflexology and  A Foot Massage?

Many people are not aware of the differences between a foot massage and Reflexology. Reflexology is a complementary medicine technique which by applying pressure on specific areas in our feet, allows our body to heal itself, with a continuing number of sessions, while, a foot massage will give a great sigh of relief to our body, but only for a couple of hours. 


  • Is Reflexology Safe During Pregnancy?

Pregnant women can safely enjoy the benefits of Reflexology therapy as long as the reflexologist is trained to deal with Maternity.

Reflexology can be a very useful treatment to pregnant women.


  • Can I Substitute Reflexology With Going To The Doctor/Taking Medications?

No! Reflexology is not a substitute to medical treatment by a physician. Reflexology is a complementary treatment, meaning that it is part of the whole treatment for the body and the soul.


  • Does Reflexology Treatment Use Any Drugs or Ointment That I Need to Take?

No! Reflexology is a calm and easy treatment, provided by the hands of the Reflexologist.


  • Can Reflexologists Diagnose?

Absolutely not. Reflexology may give us hints about some health issues, but  we should always remember that only our medical physician can provide a certified diagnosis. Reflexology should never be considered as an alternative to medical diagnosis provided by a doctor.


  • Can I Have One Session?

You can definitely come to one session to try out Reflexology, get an introductory and see how you feel about it. However, remember that Reflexology is a program that works to achieve long term improvement and therefor it takes several sessions, after which we can see results.


  • What Is the Typical Amount of Sessions?

A typical Reflexology program takes 10-12 sessions. It is a progressive treatment and in order to get results we need time. For adults, the first session usually takes 1hour and 30 minutes, and each following session is 1 hour. For children the first session will take 1 hour and the following sessions will be 30 minutes each.


  • How Frequently Do I Need to Have a Reflexology Session?

The frequency of the sessions depends on the condition we are deal with and your availability. 


  • At What Age Can Reflexology Begin?

Reflexology is safe and non-harmful. We can start reflexology from our first breath. (After the labor) 

It depends only on your reflexologist's skills and training. If they are well trained they will know how to provide Reflexology sessions on babies and children, teenagers, adults, women, men, and seniors.






Reflexology is not a substitute to medical treatment, nor can be used to diagnose medical disorders or prescribe or adjust medications

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