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#METOO Now What?

The earlier part of 2017, I decided to create a FB page titled, Women Lifting Women. I felt that women, needed to help each other and support each other in their health and wellness goals


. I always wanted the support of another woman, and I found that at the gym. I could rely on my gym beasties to always be there to push me to my limit, or to encourage me when I rather not. It made exercise fun. Then later in 2017, I felt called to make this movement a 5013c. I wanted to reach out to other women who are struggling in mind, body and spirit. I know how much it benefited me, so I knew another woman would be welcoming. I reached out to shelters for women and found myself being an ambassador for women who were victims of sex trafficking. Now this Women Lifting Women started to take a turn that I didn't see coming! More about this in 2018!

But what I soon began to see and hear, just like the rest of you, was the hashtag that was spinning around social media, #METOO. Women started LIFTING each other up who were victims of sexual abuse and misconduct! Wow. Women were standing up and voicing their brokenness while others were helping them clean up the mess. Women were standing arm in arm, not being afraid to speak truth, not being afraid to show their nakedness and not being afraid of the shame that others tried to throw at them. Women said enough is enough. This became extremely relevant in the latest election for the senator of Alabama. The shade and shame that was thrown around towards women who told their #METOO, was upsetting. Is this the person that was going to represent a state? A man who tried to belittle his conduct and push his crimes aside? A man who diminish and belittle his actions as if?

Women, with 98% of them being Black Women, held down the #METOO bandwagon, and snatched that horse right from underneath his little power as they casted their vote against an alleged child pedophile who tried to skip his NOW WHAT punishment as he tried to become their next senator. Hell No! is the battle cry of the #METOO Movement. Abusers, better take notice and face their now what. We are strong and we aren't afraid to Lift!

Join the Women Lifting Women Movement, by subscribing today. 2018 is taking no prisoners, only lifters!

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