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Sheila Lavonne Hall has become a pioneer of health and wellness. As a Functional Medicine Health Coach, clinical herbalist and a nutritional therapist, Sheila is an expert in women's health and she also has created the first ever, natural pain tonic, that comes in liquid and tea bags.

Sheila has created a brand titled “JAM” Script (Juice as Medicine) for Women’s Health in which she is known as Coach SheShe. She uses her training to educated women how to use Food as Medicine in the form of Juices, soups, teas and elixirs, to help them learn how to overcome health issues such as fibroids, endometriosis, weight gain from menopause and skin, hair and nail concerns. As an athlete and a holistic practitioner, Sheila is making it her mission, to educate others about the power of natural pain management and the healing power of foods, herbs and spices.

Being a writer for publications such as Faith and Fitness Magazine and Revelation Wellness, Sheila released her first published book, "Spiritual Healing using Natural Health" in which she references the natural practices we can do to keep ourselves not just physically healthy but spiritual healthy as it is referenced in the Bible. Sheila is also the founder of Brown Girls Breathe, in which she show women of color how to use meditation and breathing techniques  to help uncover the blockages of those who suffer from Identity Crisis, Body Image, and who feel the lack of belonging. It is also a safe circle to discuss health and healing issues that women of color suffer with and how to apply holistic practices to help heal.

Sheila gives great praise to have been blessed to be the first Holy Yoga instructor for the One Luv Gospel Cruise in 2011 and 2012. She has also appeared on various shows and tours with the likes of Yolanda Adams Health and Wellness tour, BeBe & CeCe Winans, Kirk Franklin, Byron Cage, Marvin Sapp, and The Braxtons, to name a few and a guest on The Steve Harvey’s Morning Radio Show, Radio One and Let’s Talk Live.

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                    Successful health outcomes look like…

1. Reversing Type 2 Diabetes:

Get the right success strategy to prevent the use of medication or a new strategy to reduce your medication use.

2. Eliminating cholesterol medication:

There are so many factors that contribute to the reduction of cholesterol. Medication doesn’t have to be one of them.

3. Losing weight and keeping it off long term:

 No-one loves a fad diet and they do not have long term success. You need a plan based on exactly what’s going on inside your body; because you are unique.

4. Stopping debilitating menopausal symptoms: 

Hot flashes, night sweats, mood swings, low libido and weight gain don’t have to be a part of your life.

5. Reversing hypertension: 

Hypertension is a symptom of something else. We’ll find out what it is for you and create a plan for you to change it.

6. Stopping IBS, reflux and gut symptoms: 

There is nothing more debilitating that gut symptoms that affect your life choices on a daily based. You can get natural relief from this right now.


Learn how to use Food as Medicine


As a Certified Holistic Health Cooking Coach, I can show you how to prepare meals using whole foods that you can easily incorporate into your daily lifestyle

Discover Your Inner Style

Fashion Rail

As a Lifestyle practitioner, I can help you find your Unique Style to utilizing my program called,

"Clean Your Closet"

Custom Designed Wellness Programs

Fitness Instructor

As a Certified Fitness Instructor and Master Yoga Therapist, I can create a health and wellness plan that you can easily fit into your daily routine.

Functional Medicine Health Coaching

Chart & Stethoscope

As a Certified Functional Medicine Health Coach, microbiologist and herbalist, I am able to get to the root cause of health issues, suggest the best supplements and create herbal products just for you!

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Discover Your Unique Script and Have a JAM on Me!!

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