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How to maintain health in a digital environment?

This is the question that I get asked most since the pandemic, and now I'm offering the solution for you and your employees!
Are you and/or your employees, struggling with health challenges?

75% of all healthcare costs comes from lifestyle disease. 

If you offer insurance benefits to your employees, your cost can be higher than it needs to be. 
Working from home may have its benefits for lowering certain costs, but it also could be increasing unhealthy employees, which I call, the
"Digital Disease Syndrome".

Effective employee wellness programs help reduce insurance premiums and can benefit both the business and its employees. Employers have a compelling financial reason to implement wellness programs that encourage improved health and productivity. Employees who are healthy are more likely to stay employed, which reduces turnover, while also lowering insurance costs.

Healthy employees are more productive, a fact that is obvious to most business owners. The problem is that health insurance premiums for many employers are soaring because only a small percentage of their employees take advantage of company wellness programs. Our new program is designed specifically for business owners like yourself with three main components:

  1. helping you teach healthy habits

  2. lowering your employee’s insurance premiums

  3. and increasing employee productivity.

Business owners will receive a weekly, biweekly or monthly report of their employees’ wellness goals, along with suggestions on how to set new nutrition and fitness goals together.​

Health is Wealth program is designed to help your employees have a healthy lifestyle and lower their insurance premiums by educating them on how they can live healthier lifestyles.

It’s a win-win situation! Contact me today to make it happen.

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