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 Sheila is simply amazing. Her passion shows though and through! I highly recommend Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions with her. - Jeff Howard of Nebraska

I hope you know how special and deep that experience was for everyone.  So much of trauma healing is experiencing alternate ways of Chealing that is does not require talking.  There are no words available to describe their pain and loss.  The guided meditation with the sound bath was a way to access the soul.....the life center that we access so rarely.  Your guidance allowed people to see that there is a place within them that is healthy, hopeful, and able to move into the future.  It all coming from within them.  You see, they feel broken beyond what is imaginable and broken beyone words.  But this guided meditation allowed them to experience the god within and their life potential.  

Thank you for this and for coming to our retreat. 

Pam Stein, LCSW-C

Program Coordinator

Family Survivor Network,

Helping families cope with homicides by providing support, resources, court advocacy, and alternative ways to heal: acupuncture, massage, vibrational sound therapy, and expressive art.

 Having received healing treatments from Sheila I can say she is an extraordinary, gifted healer. Thank you Pam for inviting her!  Betsey Gilbert


 Unique Scripts Wellness provides Vibrational Sound Therapy sessions. I love sessions these and would recommend getting one. They are relaxing and restorative. I believe it is one of the best self-care acts you can do for yourself for your body mind and spirit. - Sandhya D. Srivastava


 I recommend that you contact Sheila. She is creative and has the ability to work with a myriad of relaxing and healing modalities . Absolutely try Vibrational Sound Therapy. You won't be disappointed. - Denise L. Jones


 Thrilled that I finally found a place that offers true reflexology and not just foot rub. Sheila has a true gift for healing. I highly recommend Unique Scripts Wellness!! - Michelle Nelson


 If you are curious about vibrational sound therapy sessions, or just want to relax your whole being, absolutely make an appointment with Sheila! It's literally like an "internal" body massage!! And she offers SO much more than this...and her spirit and heart are amazing!! - Susan Dascenzi


The best kept secret in Randallstown!!

I recommend you visit because there’s to much to describe.

I had reflexology with my wife and I feel amazing. Howard Falcon


 Had a wonderful reflexology experience and vibrational sound session @
Unique Scripts - Leslie Parker


 Vibrational sound therapy is for me the ultimate experience in relaxation and stress reduction, it is like a personal concert on a gentle wave of massaging vibration. Give yourself the gift of peace and serenity - you deserve it! Schedule a session with Sheila today - she is fabulous! - Lyn Hatton

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