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Connecting the Dots

When you decide to be, do and show what your purpose here on earth is suppose to be in the eyes of God, trust me, you will get a lot of pinches, hits and stabs in your side. Then one day, you'll realize that you just don't feel it anymore. That's when you know your WHY.

I read a quote from Steve Jobs that says, " You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to TRUST that the dots will somehow connect to your future."

When I read this, it gave me so much clarity in how we move in our purpose. Just from human nature, we want to know the why now. We want to know what the outcome will be before we move towards it. And we want to know if it will be good or bad, before we decided to take what's coming. But, God!

Only God has the answer. We have to keep the faith and the trust to know we will get to the point when the pinch of the "KNOTS" will loosed and become bearable to the bend, so that we don't notice them too much. We have to learn how to use our story of dots, to move forward towards what our future has for us. We have to be good with the trails and tribulations that will turn into triumphs and victories because it taught us how to be stronger, smarter and focused. Every pinch is a dot to an exclamation point. When we lean into our purpose, something happens, that uncomfortable pinch becomes comfortable. It doesn't stops us from leaning in, and it doesn't make us turn away from the fear of the unknown. That's when you know, you are in your WHY. And that's when your dots form the points of exclamation that says, WOW, God, you did that!!!!!!

Trust yourself to have blinded faith and believe enough to connect the dots that didn't exist to change the world. Trust yourself to think Big, make a difference with your service and have an impact in everything you do everyday for the betterment of a healthier whole life.

This is the characteristic of an entrepreneurial spirit. It is the mindset of people who has a true passion for building something great from nothing, and are willing to push through the punches, stabs and pinches in order to push themselves to the limits to achieve big goals. Believing in limitless greatness in standing strong in your God given Identity, is how you grow your brand. So ask yourself:

1. Are you tuned in with your passion?

2. Are you always questioning how it can be done better?

3. Are you optimistic about the possibilities?

4. Are you a risk taker?

5. Do you execute it?

If you answered no, or you're on the fence about any of these questions, contact me on my contact page. Let's work together and build your identity brand to make a difference!

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