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For as long as I can remember, I loved how the earth felt uder my feet, how the wind kissed my cheeks and how the sky showed me comfort. I could feel the vibration that nature gives because it would make me feel grounded and secure. A few years ago, I went to the desert of Arizona, to connect with nature, God and myself. Through that experience, I discovered not just who I am, but the Why. Why am I here, how can I do it and what it is I'm suppose to do?
I can take you on a journey of discovery using the healing of nature, visonary meditative practices, mindful and purposeful movements, that will aim you in the direction of your "why" and then give you the tools to step into your "Z" (ZOOM Effect).
 This is what I call, "Peeling the Onion".
The question is, do you want to find your true purposeful identity in order to become greater in your WHY, in your Brand and in your Business?
Invite me to speak at your next function or to host a workshop!
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"We Can't See the Beauty Underneath Until the Layers of Our Journey are Revealed for All to See"
Sheila Lavonne

"Live and prosper 
in a life of Symphony.
That's when you
move in purpose".


 "Empowering Your Purpose

Spiritually & Holistically"

Would you like to

Gain awareness of negative thinking patterns


Create new, positive thoughts and feelings


Use meditation to create a new personal reality

Use a simple technique to break unwanted emotional states of being


Use visualization to design your destiny


Change your body by changing your brain


Heal your body and mind from limiting beliefs and behaviors


 I am on a quest to help women change the world by giving them the tools that would enhance their goals, dreams and purpose, by focusing on the question, "Why am I here"?

The tools are based around the concept of bringing into balance our mind, body and spirit using health and wellness, transformation training and brand building visuals.

If you are struggling with the question, why am I here- this is for you!

1. If you have a burning desire to live out your gifts in business or personal goals, this is for you.

2. If you are stuck in visualizing what your purpose can accomplish to help someone else, this is for you.

3. If you want to get into better health, need to heal and / or break through negative holds, this is for you!

I'm available for speaking at your event! 

Bring a Unique Conversation and Life Transforming experience.

“An intelligent person aims at wise action, but a fool starts off in many directions” (Proverbs 17:24 GNT).

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