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Why I Don't Want To Be a Personal Trainer

I’m certified in group fitness. I thought about getting my certification as a personal trainer. I enjoy helping one on one with their personal fitness goals. I love the different options available to help someone become healthier and fit. Not until my personal trainer said something to me that made me feel not good enough. This wasn’t saying I couldn’t be, but what he did was point out my strengths. A lot of people always ask me if I am one, because they see my outward strength. But what I discovered what was missing for me, is the process of shaping those external parts. The parts that we can physically see that makes us frown when we walk pass the mirror. I didn’t like the desire to work out because summer is coming. I didn’t like the fear response to break a sweat finding a fitness class when we discovered that we have gained 10 pounds or more. I didn’t like the idea of training the obvious. What my trainer did, was help me see what is invisible. How I had a special gift in working out those weaknesses that we are un-aware of.

I always hear in the gym about how strong I am. Yes, I can lift as much as most average men. Yes, I have more muscle than the average woman my age. And don’t get it twisted, I’m referring to the (average) of not working out, even though there are some who do. But that is external. That’s the body. As I’m approaching 55 this year, one thing that I know for sure, is the body is temporary. Regardless of how fit, how healthy or how dedicated you are in your health goals, the body will die. In the process, the pain of that dying becomes very obvious. I don’t want to be one of those people who serves the “body” as the main course of health. I don’t want to train someone in believing that their body is the first thing we look at on the menu and their mind and spirit are side dishes. I want to be the kind of trainer that offers wellness in mind and spirit as the meal of champions. I want others to crave the deliciousness of sinking their teeth in the tender, succulent goodness of FREEDOM. I want to be the trainer that practices strengthening the inner goals and not rely on what the cut of the meat looks like. I want to train the parts that live forever.

The problem that comes with that, is, how do you market freedom? If people only want what they can temporarily see, how do you market invisible strength? That is the struggle, that is the workout, that is the sweat and tears of lifting the weight of heavy chains.

Very few want to take the challenge of going through the obstacle course that has muddy terrains, filthy ponds, foul smelling caves and hidden bridges. It takes a lot of heart and bravery. It takes a lot of faith and trust and it takes a lot of inner strength. This group is small but it is giving, it’s loving and it is available to anyone.

That is why you need a trainer, not a personal one, but an Identity Trainer. A trainer that has the knowledge to show you how to build your inner strength. The trainer who has the tools and equipment that you need to live forever. The trainer who can get you to that goal of FREEDOM. I have the program for you. I have the tools that you will start wanting to be your main course. The FREEDOM of wanting what is better for you. Stop treating your inner strength as junk food or as side orders that you may or may not eat. Then watch what happens. You’ll become stronger and you won’t want to have it during the summer or when you gain extra weight. Your appetite will change and your diet will always be having FREEDOM as its main course.

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