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Self Sabotage

In 2000 Damasio and his colleagues published an article in the world's fore-most scientific publication, "Science", which reported that reliving a strong negative emotion causes significant changes in the brain areas that receive nerve signals from the muscles, gut, and skin - areas that are crucial for regulating basic bodily functions.

I call this "toxins". Negative toxins that are holding our mind, body and spirit hostage for the purpose of sabotaging your God given Identity. Peeling the layers of toxins will cause you to feel the pain associated with it in your muscles, gut and skin. It's like ripping off a bandage and taking a visual of the wound that was made because of a negative experience. It can put us in a paralyzing fear or blind rage. Our mind and bodies are triggered and and the defense hairs stand up and bear arms to shut it down. The toxins are covered back up, snuggled all nice and comfy, silently producing havoc.

In my transformation exercises with my clients, I teach them that acknowledging the toxins is not enough. We actually need to peel away the layers, and then do some cleaning. They go through an exercise called, "Clean the Closet". You can watch the video on my website or You-tube channel

It's very simple, in concept terms, but to actually pull it all out, and inspect every piece of clothing, acknowledging any tears, holes or discolorations and does it fit, where did you get it and how long have you had it, is a very powerful healing experience.

Summer time is here. Try something new. Go through your winter clothes before you package them up and put them in storage. Make yourself a list of items and under them,write;

a. Condition

b. Color

c. Size

d. Store

e. Feeling

Try to remember how you felt or what you were doing when you last wore it. Journal about it if you feel led.

The price for ignoring or distorting the body's messages when it cries out when peeled, is being unable to detect what is truly harming you and keeping you from being greater. Suppressing our inner cries for help does not stop our stress hormones from mobilizing the body. You may have learned to be functional around them, but you can't see the meetings of inner manipulation that is going on inside of you, At Peel the Onion Enterprises, we focus on identifying the link between the physical and the emotional.

If you are interested in discovering your gifts, purpose, or what is that more feeling that is constantly ringing in your ears. If you can't break habits of self sabotage, like eating, self doubt, weight gain and stress, send me an email and get a 30 minute free consultation.

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