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Menopause in Business

We are the first generation of women managing menopause in the boardroom and business! So it’s important to know that our hormones will start to decline and fluctuate in our forties and impact our body in forty ways - The 40 Changes Over 40!

To help us stay in the boardroom (now we have got there!) we need take ownership and learn how to lead through a new type of change - The Menopause...

Female Friends

 Why invest in Menopause Support for your business?


Investing in people is always the right thing to do. It defines you as an organization that cares and values the contributions your colleagues make. Today’s business environment has an increased focus on gender diversity and equity across senior management and executive positions. Raising awareness and providing support for Menopause in the workplace, alongside the revision of processes that enable women’s progression is a critical part of being – and being seen as being a female friendly organization.

Female Friends

Open support of Menopause in the workplace is a differentiator for women

Each organization will have their specific priorities and goals that require focus to ensure that their female talent stays, develops, and attains those senior and executive positions. What specific organizational pressures and goals do you want Menopause support and awareness to help resolve?



Genuine and visible opportunities for women to grow and develop with a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Creating and maintaining this environment during Menopause drives loyalty, commitment and performance.



Being the employer of choice requires a comprehensive and inclusive employee value proposition (EVP) that is demonstrably part of the daily employee experience. Women of all ages will seek out Menopause readiness as a pillar of a female-positive organisation.


Defined and enabled pathways to developmental, management and executive positions, with mentoring and sponsorship. Individual Menopause plans that support flexibility and adjustments will be vital in achieving this.



Menopause enabled organisations welcome a transparent approach that positively projects their character, internally and externally, doing the right thing for their people while adding bottom-line value.

Creating an effective, modern approach to Menopause

We design programs that are built around four key elements which, when combined, enable you to achieve and maintain your organizational specific goals.

Menopause Awareness

Underpinning successful change, awareness drives the opportunity for a new way of thinking about a phase of life that until recently was a social and workplace taboo. We create a base layer of vital Menopause learning for all employees – from the boardroom to the post room – in sessions from 20 minutes to an hour.

Common topics include:

  • Menopause awareness for all

  • Menopause for men

  • Menopause for women

  • Menopause Express (short 20min embedded sessions)

Menopause Workshops

Workshops focus on specific groups within your organisation, providing an opportunity to unpick the unique business challenges that Menopause presents. Highly interactive, they provide an environment where colleagues develop new understanding and modern ways of working.

Common topics include:

  • Menopause in the workplace for managers

  • Successful Menopause conversations

  • How to break the stereotypes around Menopause

  • Managing your Menopause successfully at work

Menopause Coaching

Specific and tailored programmes of one-to-one coaching, where individuals can focus on gaining control of their Menopause experience or embedding and integrating new ways of thinking, interacting and managing others.

  • Woman to woman coaching

  • Integrated coaching (post workshops)

Menopause Programs

Using corporate data to identify measurable improvements in retention, attraction, development and promotion of women. Creating inclusive practices and measures to support female talent to reach senior and executive roles.


The Menopause Enabled Workplace

A multi-disciplinary approach that recognizes the value and importance of meaningful and flexible Menopause support and services across the workplace. This is an audited and certificated process that for the first time incorporates the collaboration of HR, DEI and Real Estate.


Create an inclusive organization that values diversity and promotes equality. Raise awareness across all employees, with focused training for HR, management and those experiencing Menopause. Ensure internal and external communications represent colleagues and the contribution they make.


Develop policies and guidelines that offer effective and flexible support for women and their managers. To enable women to continue with their chosen career and achieve their ambitions, while ensuring managers and HR are informed and supported throughout this process.



The unspoken yet critical piece of an enabled workspace where physical features, environmental factors and colleague services are seamlessly incorporated from the initial design phase or comprehensively retro fitted by those who deliver and maintain the workplace.


Let's connect and discuss how my organization can help yours!

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