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Just The Messenger Mews

September 11, 2016

 How far back in your story, are you willing to go? Where do you start when you tell it? Peeling the Onion, is my way of revealing those layers. Here is one of mine.

9-11, was the breaking point of my marriage. Earlier that year, I lost my little brother. That lost, placed me on a path of heartache that I've never known. It left me numb and still. My husband couldn't show me any love or support. He didn't know how to rescue me from this pain. Instead of me, always the rescuer, always the strong one, I was weak and needed lifting, but instead, I laid helpless in the darkness.

In that same year, we sold our home. The house where my brother and I spent a moment of desperation, praying for God to intervene and make him br...

May 28, 2016

Three days ago, I realized why I have always felt that I needed to be strong. I have always carried a heaviness in my heart, feeling like no one cares and that's why no one supports me.

When I was little, my uncle had babysitting duties so that my mom could go out. As I sat in my room, I watched a TV show. I wasn't being monitored so I turned to any channel that I wanted. This particular movie showed a women, in her bedroom, sitting at her vanity, looking in her mirror with tears rolling down her face and a pair of scissors in her hand. As she continued to cry, she preceded to cut her hair  with intention and hurt. It intrigued me so much, that after the scene of pain, I found a pair of scissors. I went into the bathroom and stood up on a stool so I c...

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Discover Your BadasArie - Sheila L. Hall
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My Calling Just Got Called Out!

June 3, 2018

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